OCR A AS Chemistry definitions :)

Chemistry definitions for OCR A AS chemistry. UNIT 1 and 2

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Define acid

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A species that is a proton donor.

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Define activation energy

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The minimum energy required to start a reaction by the breaking of bonds.

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Addition polymer

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A very long molecular chain, formed by repeated addition reactions of many unsaturated alkene molecules (monomers)

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Addition polymerisation

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The process in which unsatuated alkene molecules (monomers) add onto a growing polymer chain, one at a time to form a long saturated molecular chain.

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Addition reaction

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A reaction in which a reactant is added to an unsaturated molecule to make a saturated molecule.

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The process that occurs when a , liquid, gas or solute is held to the surface of a solid (or more rarely a liquid)

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A types of base that dissolves in water forming hydroxide ions .

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Atom economy

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Mr(or mass) of desired product/Mr(o rmass) of all products X100

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(Average) bond enthalpy

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The (average) enthalpy change that takes place when breaking by homolytic fission 1 mole of a given type of bond in the molecules of a gaseous species.

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A species that is a proton donor.

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cis-trans isomerism

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