Obedience case studies

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Sheridan and King (1972)

  • Punished puppy with electrical shocks when it made errors.
  • Taught it to do a discrimination task.
  • Participants could see and hear its squeels.
  • Odourless anaesthetic was released into the puppys cage, making it fall asleep.
  • Participants reminded it was because the puppy refused to learn.
  • 75% of participants delivered the maximum shock.
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Bickman (1974)

  • 3 male researchers gave orders to 153 random pedestrians of new york.
  • 3 dress styles of the researches: Suit and tie, milk man, guard.
  • Orders such as "pick up this bag".
  • 80% obeyed the guard.
  • 40% obeyed the milk man and the civilian. 
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