Obedience Alibi and Application to Real Life

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My Lai Massacre

During the Vietnamese war, there was a crisis in which 28 soldiers were killed.

The Charlie copany then massacred many innocent people who were innocent.

They thought VietCong militia were there but there weren't.

Claimed just obeying orders. 

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Nazi Regime:

He was at the front of the killing Jews because he sent many to deaths for final solution.

When accused he blamed that he was told to.

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Self-justification and Victim blaming:

1. 'self defence'

2. 'they deserved it' 

3. 'They were asking for it'

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MOtivational factors

1. adrenalin 2. Respect from others

3. Wanted to and had oppportunity to

4. Could plunder the corpses

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