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Yuki et Al (07)

Yuki et al (07) carried out a piece of research into culture differences.

'Are the windows to the soul the same in the east and west'

Aim: To explore differences in recognising emotion in Japan and in the US. Do different cultures pay attention to different facial cues?

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-118 American volunteer participants 

-95 Japanese volunteer students

At Hokkaido university were instructed to complete a questionaire where they had to rate on a scale of 1 ( Very sad) to 9 (Very happy) the emotional expressions of 6 different computer generated faces or emoticons, with a combination of happy or sad eyes and mouths.

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The results

The results show that culture variations do exist with how emoticons are expressed and interpreted.

Both cultures responded differently to the emoticons as predicted.

The Japanese gave higher ratings to the faces with happy eyes.

The American participants gave the highest ratings when the mouths were happy.

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Criticisms/ Evaluation

  • The research lacks ecological validity
  • The sample was not as representive as it could be 
  • Measurement of DVwas too simplistic 
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