Nutrition and Health

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The Food Groups

The seven scientific food groups are as follows:

- Water

- Fats

- Protein

- Vitamins

- Minerals

- Carbohydrates

- Fibre

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The Food Groups' Jobs in the Body

*Carbohydrates give us quick release of energy

*Fats also give us energy as well as being need to make cell membranes

*Protein is need for growth and repair

*Vitamins are needed in tiny amounts and have different functions in the body e.g: vit C is  to prevent blood vessels leaking whereas Vit A is needed to prevent blindness

*Minerals are needed to help build structures in the body e.g iron is need to form red blood cells

*Fibre is need to prevent constipation

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What is a Deficiency?

A deficiency disease is caused by the lack of one of the vitamins, minerals or other food chemicals


Food chemical

Deficiency Disease



Vitamin C

Leaking blood vessels (scurvy)

Vitamin D

Weak bones (rickets)

Vitamin A



Soft bones and teeth



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What Happens in the Stomach?


Muscular tube that squeezes the food down to the stomach


Acid conditions to kill microbes. Mashes food around. Chemical digestion of protein


Squirts amylase enzyme onto the food in the small intestine to break down starch.

Squirts lipase onto the food in the small intestine to break down fats.

Small intestine:

Very long and contains many finger like villi to give a large surface area well supplied with blood. Villi are only one cell thick. digested food molecules can pass through the wall of the villi into the blood

Large intestine:

Absorbs most of the water from any remaining undigested food (fibre) to form faeces

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