Nth Term

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Nth Term

Find the nth term of this sequence-  4, 7, 10, 13, 16 

1) Work out the difference inbetween each number of the sequence. This is the 'n' part. 

So in this case it is 3n 

2) Work out the difference between the number in front of 'n' and any number in the sequence. 

So in this case 4-3=1 

3) Put the two together 

So the nth term of this sequence is 3n+1

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Nth Term

Is 115 a term of the sequence 9n-3

This sort of question is simple when you know and learn the technique. 

You treat it like an equation so in this case 9n-3= 115 

Then solve the equation to get n on its own if n equals a whole number then 115 is a term of this sequence but if n doesnt equal a whole number then it isnt a term of this sequence. So;


9n= 112

n= 12.444444444

So 115 is not a term of this sequence

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