Non starch polysaccharides

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It is necessary for the functioning of the digestive system, it is often low in energy and more filling. It can also prevent and alleviate symptoms of bowel disorders. 

Adults should have an average of 18 grams a day. 

There are two categories of NSP. The first one is called soluble NSP. Examples are fruits, vegetables, oats and barely.   It forms a gel in the intestines which delays the absorption of nutrients. It slows down digestion and the absorption of carbohydrate, especially glucose which controls blood sugar.   This helps to prevent the feeling of hunger and it may also reduce blood cholesterol. 

The second category is insoluble fibre, example include, wholemeal flour and bread, wholegrain breakfast cereals and bran.   It increases the bulk and softness of the stools.  It absorbs water and therefore acts as a bulking agent.   It helps to prevent bowel cancer and appendictis. 

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