Notes on Island Man and Blessing ANTHOLOGY

These are some notes on the poems 'Island Man' and 'Blessing' from the AQA GCSE english book

I do not claim ownership from all of these notes, I have not written all of them myself, but I have just presented them in a format that is easier to read :D


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Island Man

  • 'breaking and wombing'- is used to suggest the nuturing nature of sleep and the sea- like a womb
  • 'breaking and wombing'- 's rythym sounds like waves on a shore
  • 'wild seabirds and fishermen pushing out to sea' lots of 's' sounds to suggest the sea
  • 'defiantly' defiantly like the way the Island Man refuses to forget his homeland
  • 'emerald' is a precious gem, and a powerful description
  • 'groggily groggily' repetition suggests the waves- doesn't want to wake up
  • 'sands'- pun on sounds/ sands
  • 'grey metallic soar'- You expect to hear roar, but soar is used, suggesting seabirds, which mixes up images, like the man's mixed nationalilty.
  • 'surge of wheels'- mixing up images
  • 'North Circular roar'- Named a part of London.... roar rhymes with soar, suggesting the circular movement of the weels, mentioned in the line between, returning to the same sound.
  • 'muffling muffling'- repetition, making the line stand out, also representing the sea
  • 'heaves' The effort of leaving the dream it has taken up to here to leave the sea imagery behind, the dream of his original home has lingered, he can never leave his past behind.
  • 'Another London day'- concrete line- the reality of London- the sea is left behind


The poet uses a lot of language to make everything colourful. Phrases such as

  • 'Blue Surf'
  • 'of his small emerald island'
  • 'grey metallic soar'

are used to describe the images of the luxurious blue waves, the green leaves on the luscious and the

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thank so much this is really helpin me /:)

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