Normandy 1066

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Why William invaded

  • Rightful heir to Edward the confessorm promised in 1051.
  • No English sources mention this pledge, Norman factions in England. 
  • 1064, Harold visited Normandy and swore an oath under duress to support William.
  • No English sources, Harold had the assent of the dying King.
  • Wealthy, papal support. Anglo Saxon England was corrupt under Stigand, who was hated by Rome, and Harold, who broke an oath. 
  • William was pious and had Caen's monestry with abbott Lanfranc and reform councils. 
  • Pope Alexander II wanted English reform and central control so he supported William. 
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The Normans

  • Descended from Vikingr raiders, normanus= northmen. 
  • Viking Rollo signed a treaty with King Charles the simple for Rouen.
  • They settled and developed agriculture, adopting the language and culture of France.
  • William had almost 20 years of experience and a close inner cicrle, including Roger Montgomery, William fitz Osbern, Roger of Mortain and Bishop Odo of Bayeux.
  • They had famed cavalry, loyal magnates, kinship ties through marrige to other French nobles.
  • Normandy was prosperous and well governed, with tax collected by sheriffs.
  • It lacked natural boundaries of streams and fields, and it was exposed to rivals.
  • However, William defeated invasions and secured his borders enough to leave. 
  • He conquered Maine and Brittany and gained the support of Flanders through Mathilda (Count Baldwin's daughter. 
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