Non-Financial Methods of Motivation

Non financial Methods of motivation, definition, adv/disadv, and relevant theorists! :)

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Job Enlargement

Definition - Expanding the number of tasks completed by an employee

Motivational Theorists - Maslow (Social/Esteem), Herzberg (Motivators)

Advantages - Increases Productivity, Widely trained staff, Motivational.

Disadvantages - Quality could fall, Increased workload may demotivate workers.

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Job Rotation

Definition - Varying an employees job on a regular basis

Motivational Theorists - Maslow (Safety/Social)

Advantages - Motivational, Can increase producitivity, Multi-Skilled staff (long term benefits - less training costs)

Disadvantages - Decreased productivity, Increased training costs (both short term)

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Job Enrichment

Definition - Inreasing the level of responsibility within a job, to make the work more challenging and rewarding

Motivational Theorists - Maslow (self actualisation), Herzberg (motivators)

Advantages - Motivational, Increased productivity, More skilled staff.

Disadvantages - Short term Cots. Too much responsibility could cause stress.

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Definition - Working as a group to complete a task

Motivational Theorists - Mayo, Maslow, Herzberg

Advantages - Job gets done faster, shared knowledge + skills

Disadvantages - People may not get on, too many people working on a simple project could spoil it.

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Definition - Giving employees the power to do their job

Motivational Theorists - Maslow, Herzberg

Advantages - More skilled staff, less pressure on supervisors.

Disadvantages - Employees may abuse said 'power'

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helpful as revision cards thanks :)

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