Non-fiction and media texts

Various methods to help when analysing non fiction and media texts

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The PEE Technique

Point - make a point

Evidence - use a quote or example from the text

Explanation - explain how the evidence illustrates your point.

Also sometimes includes T:

Terminology - use the correct terminology to help explain your point.

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Writing to argue, persuade or advise

Purpose, Audience, Form and Language: FLAP

Form e.g. letter

Language and register e.g. formal

Audience e.g. your teacher

Purpose e.g. persuade.

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Writing to persuade

Techniques used in writing to persuade

Markers or connectives

You: direct (second person) address

Facts and Formal tone

Opening statement

Rhetorical questions and repetition

Evidence and justification

Strong ending

Three (use of)

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Writing to advise

Techniques in writing to advise

Advice must be clear

Do keep in role

Vocabulary should include modal verbs

Informal but polite

Choices must be given

Encourage and motivate

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