Non- Specific Immune Response

These are cards which will cover the SNAB specific criteria of Non-specific responses to infection including the process of phagocytosis and the different types of responses.

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Non-Specific Response


  • Non Specific Response is where the immune system destroys any invading pathogens.
  • There are a number of non specific barriers that can prevent bacteria entering the body such as skin, lysozymes, acidic conditions.
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  • These are enzymes which are released within the eyes, mouth and nose
  • They break down the bacteria cell wall, destroying the bacteria


  • The bacteria cell wall is produced from polysaccharides


  • The enzmye hydrolyses the cell wall consisting of polysaccharides.
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  • Phagocytes are white blood cells which engluf foreign matter.
  • Neutrophils & macrophages are types of phagocytes.
  • Chemical released by the bacteria attract phagocytes to the site.
  • Once the neutrophils or macrophages reach the site they engulf the foreign matter which has antigens on the surface.
  •  Once the forgein matter has been engulfed the material is enclosed within a vacoule.
  • The vacoule then fuses with the lysosomes which contain enzymes.
  • The lysosome then release the enzymes and destroy the foreign material.
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