Non Fatal Offences-Cases

Highlighting the cases for Non Fatal Offences

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"Making v apprehend immediate unlwfull violence"

Logdon-Pointed fake gun at V as a joke, but V was terrified

Smith v Supt Of Woking- Looked at v through window who feared violence at any time

Unlawfull Violence
R v Ireland-Silent phone calls
DPP v Ramos-Threatning Letters

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"Application of unlawfull force"

Cole v Turner-Must be a lack of consent

Collins v Wilcock- shows "any touching however slight amounts to a battery" (police women holding a mans arms but wasn't arresting him).

Haystead -"D hit a women who dropped the baby she was holiding, no need for D to be directly touching V to be guilty.

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"Common assault resulting in ABH"

Chan Fook-"More then trivial less then serious"

DPP v Smith- Cut of V ponytail, this didn't cause any injury but hair was treated as part of the body so ABH includes harm and damage not just injury.

DPP v K- D put chemicals in the hand dryer which sprayed V in the face. Guilty of ABH as there didn't have to be direct contact.

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GBH/GBH with Intent

Malicous wonding or causing GBH

Moriarty v Brooks- wound ammouts to a brake to the second layer of skin

Eisenhower- A ruptured blood vessel didn't amount to a bllod vessel as it didn't brake to the 2nd layer of skin

Internal injuries are not a wound

DPP v Smith- GBH means "Really serious harm"

Dugdale v Furmstone- Serious enough to require hospital treatment (Broken
bones, internal injuries, dislocated joints etc)

(Bioloogial)-Dica-Knew he had HIV but still had unprotected sex with 2 women

(Psychiatric)-Burstow- Harrased V with abusive phone calls, distributing offensive cards about her.

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