Non fatal offences - Assault and Battery


Non fatal offences - Assault

Assault - S.39 CJA 

"Intention or recklessness to cause someone to fear immediatte unlawful force" 
Fagen V MPC 

An act
Ireland - can be silent telephone calls 

Which causes someone to fear immediatte unlawful force 
Smith v Woking police station 

Force must be unlawful 

Mens rea: intention or recklessness 

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Non fatal offences -Battery

"Intention or recklessness to apply immediatte unlawful physical force" 

Can be the slightest of touching - R V Thomas 
Can be a continuing act - Fagen 
Can be an indirect act - DPP V K 
Can be an ommission - DPP V Santanda 

MR: intention or recklessness 

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