Nokia in MEDCs

Mulitnational companies

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Nokia as a MNC

Nokia's factories are located in Europe and Below the Brant line, this is because it is a European company and the factories in Europe would probably be the oldest factories as they would have been established before the ones in LEDC's or NIC's. They have located below the Brant line as there is more oppotunity for cheaper labour is that area of the world.

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Why have they located in the South East of England

Nokia have located in the South East of England because they can be near to the M11, research centres, access to the ocean and airports. There is also a large number of people who live in the South East of England and it is also close to London. Nokia employs 2000 people in the UK in 3 sites. There are also other Aisan TNC's such as Sony and LG invested in South Wales.

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Advantages of Nokia

One advantage of Nokia is that acts as a positive mulitplier for the region where the Nokia plants are situated

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