Nobility and the Government Henry VII

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People believed that kings were chosen by god.

Henry reduced the size of the nobility to effectively lessen the threat against him on the throne.

Edward created 9 new earls but Henry only decided to create 3. He didnt want to over crowd the nobility and just made one marquis, one viscount and 8 barons. Henry ignored some noble cases and this added to the decline from 62 families to 42.

Henry used Order of the Garter to reward instead of lands and money whcih again gaave more power to Henry.

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Nobility part 2

Henry controlled who nobles could marry to stop the build up of power bloks he also kept a close eye on powerful magnates. He controlled them through Bonds and Recognisances also.

Henry didnt have an anti noble policy. He got to know nobles quickly to see if they were trust worthy. Didnt get involved in local government depended on nobles to do it.

Nobles had to earn their way into Henry's favour of getting titles through patronage.

henry placed Bonds and recognisance on people he feared or didnt trust such as Lord Dacre who had to pay a bond of £2000.

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Henry's Council. 1

Henry changed the council considerably during his reign. Henry was still over powering everythign they did he could hire or fire anyone he wanted to.

The council was similiar and 21 of Henry's councillers were also appointed under Edward and Richard for example Thomas Rotherham who was a chancellor under Henry's reign and was also Richard's chancellor.

The king would usually include people who were loyal to him such as John Morton who joined him in exile.

The councils responsibilities were internal security and defence of the realm, foreign affairs and maintaining royal finances.

Pro Camera Stella was passed to make a sub unit in ouncil whic hdealt with retainders and other untrue aspects.

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Henry's Council. 2

The Council Learned in the law which came into being in 1495 to protect the kings position as feudal landlord. It was hated becuase it sat with no jury, but mostly because it was responsible for collecting bonds and recognisances. Empson and Dudley were mainly involved in this and it was said they manipulated the sytem they were then executed after Henry died.

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