No Buyers : A Street Scene

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- image of cart being driven down street to sell

- syllables are stressed and then unstressed = swaying = slow moving = like cart + business

- air of dispondancy (lack of hope)

ryhming cuplets = regular = contrasts to cart and house

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1st Stanza

'A load of brushes and baskets and cradles and chairs'

- list of description of things they sell = lost cost domestic appliances

- repition of 'and' creates sense of time passing slowly and no selling

'rain' = pathetic fallacy 

'man, a woman and pony with whiteybrown hairs'

- suggests age = they have been doing this for a very long time

- repeated in 2nd stanza = very vague (childish description)

'shambling sway' = links to formation of poem

'funeral train...dirge-like' ='digre' sad, slow song about death 

'swinging a turks-head brush' =contrasts what his reality is

'in drum-major's way...bandsmen march and play' = comparison suggest march and pace of poem 

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2nd Stanza

'he mirrors his master in every item of pace and pose' = double alliteration

- pony mirrors master and reflects this in sentence structure  = language relfecting itself while pony reflects man

';too plainly hes old, indeed, not strength enough shows, to steer the disjointed waggon straight'

- mimicks 'pause' with literal pause = caesura emphasies point

- wagon stronger then pony causing poem to sway from side to side

- 'disjointed' links to structure

'wriggles left'

- line moves with it 

'pushing the pony with each incline'

- poem being pushed out of line while pony being pushed by cart 

- doesn't end in rhyming cuplet = not regular

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3rd Stanza

'parallel to man' = work together but are seperate on the street

- creates emotional distance

'carries a like turks-head' = links with man

'nursing-wise' =reflects womenhood

- both detaching themselves from situ through imagination

'now and then she joins in his dirge'

- links to 1st stanza with man - cyclical? = goes on and on

- emphasies seperation = not always involved 

'rain clams her apron until it clings'

- pathetic fallacy = links to 1st stanza - imagery for life trapping her?

'step by step' =reflects regular beat

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