Nisus and Euryalus

Nisus and euryalus latin GCSE text in revision cards

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Nisus was the guard of the gate, fiercest in arms, and nearby (was) his companion Euryalus there was not another of Aeneas’ followers (more handsome than him) and no other more handsome put on Trojan arms, there was one love for them and they rushed into war side by side; then also they held the gate with shared guard duty.

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Other animals through all the lands were easing their cares with sleep and their hearts forgetful of labours: the first leaders of the Trojans, chosen young men were holding a council about important matters of state, what they should do or who should now be a messenger to Aeneas. They stood leaning on their long spears and holding shields in the middle of the open space of the camp.

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