New Right view on Education


new right - the family

key sociologists and critisims

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Basic View on Education

  • Business organisations should be wealth creators - allowed to do what they want
  • state should stay out of most areas of schools, including management of schools
  • schools should be managed by businesses, increasing competition
  • parents should be in control of schools, increasing choice, raising standards and producing people with skills helpful to the economy
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G Tulloch

Producer Capture - people who produce are in control, rather than those who consume

Public choice theory - everyone acts in their own interests eg, teachers want to increase money in schools for job security, politicians want votes, so...

Pressure groups - persuade government to produce policies by promising votes

Due to increased spenditure caused by pressure groups, taxes rise, damaging the economy, businesses are over taxed and unable to compete with foreign businesses

Pupils/parents have little control over education, have to accept state education and have little chance to shape it

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Chubb and More

"Market forces should be introduced into the education system"

Chubb argues people are angry due to declining test scores and lax discipline ect.

Solutions - clear school goals, strong instructional leadership

Chubb and More say this is inadequate

They say solutions will come from changing the institutional framework within which the school works

say improvements will be made if there is a move towards a market system in education

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Chubb and More pt 2

Public education serves wider public purposes, not needs of consumers

2 ways to get children out of schools

  • private - not affordable for majority
  • move house - unpractacle

schools have little freedom - accountable to groups with their own interests

groups have interest in keeping current system, as they want public money

Government undermines independence of schools - cant meet pupils needs

private schools ARE responsible to parent - £££

creates an incentive to attract pupils

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Chubb and More pt 3 Evidence

data from 60,000 students in 1000+ schools and in 500 of thoses schools 50 teachers

found that

  • private schools less likely to be resposible to outside admin than public
  • Parents more supportive of private
  • staff more satisfied with leadership 
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Chubb and More pt4 Solutions

  • power needs to be decentralised
  • acheived through voucher system
    • all parents given voucher by government
    • encourage private and public schools to compete in open market
    • successful schools grow, unsuccessful improve to survive
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Brown and Lauder - Marketisation

Want marketisation to

  • cut costs
  • create incentives to improve standards 

companies see profits through high quality service - schools should do the same

decline in standards - due to too much equal oppurtunity - marketisation will push up satndards as schools compete

It wont benefit everyone equally but it will acheive a cheap and efficent system

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Critisisms- Lauder

  • voucher system - middle class get children into schools with better reputation - create class inequality, negatively affecting standards
  • state run comps raise standards ( studies show mix backgrounds - least able did better, most able did just as well)
  • Market system - kids from lower class backgrounds go to failing schools (spiral of decline)
  • best school at one point may not be throughout a cholds schooling
  • educational markets reduce choice
  • choice limited to geographical location
  • schools have limited space - can't expand
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Critisisms - Ransom

  • marketisation damaging for values it produces, ie individualism
  • choice gives producer ( school) power to control market - start picking students
  • Hierarchies of schools will emerge - divide society

Believes education should be planned through politics

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