new materials

SMART materials

  • behave differently depending on conditions such as temperature
  • nitinol is a 'shape memory alloy'


  • metal alloy of titanium and nickel
  • when cool you can bend and twist it- bend it too far and it stays bent
  • when its heated above a certain temperature it will go back to remembered shape. eg:glasses frames when bent can be put in hot water and theyll go back to to their shape.
  • braces also contain nitinol as it warms in the mouth and tries to return to original shape by pulling the teeth forward.
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  • contain roughly a few hundred atoms
  • fullerness: molecules of carbon shaped like hollow balls or closed tubes 
  • carbon atoms are arranged in hexagonal rings 


  • huge surface area so good for catalysts 
  • nanoparticles can make sensors to detect  a specific molecule
  • stronger lighter building material 
  • sun tan cream or deodrant as the small particles dont leave white marks 
  • nanomedicines as the fullerness pf nano particles makes them easier to be absorbed by the body
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