New Deal Summary

A quick summary of the New Deal for GCSE History AQA

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What was the New Deal?

  • Programme of measures put together by Roosevelt to get America out of Depression
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What were main aims?

  • Relief
  • Recovery
  • Reform
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How did FDR deal with the banks?

  • Closed them all for a ‘four-day holiday’
  • Emergency Banking Acts
  • Only hones and well run banks allowed to reopen
  • Supported by gov loans
  • Restored publics confidence in banks
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What were Alphabet Agencies?

  • Gov agencies set up to give American people help and support
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What was AAA? May 1933

  • Paid farmers to produce less food
  • Meant prices went up and incomes doubled
  • Helped farmers but not sharecroppers who worked their land (many black)
  • Many evicted as less work
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What was CCC? March 1933

  • Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Gave jobs to single men under 25
  • Clearing land, planting trees etc
  • Cheap labour BUT not compulsory and men learnt new skills
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What was PWA? June 1933

  • Public Works Administration
  • Built schools, hospitals etc
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What was NRA? June 1933

  • National Recovery Administration
  • Help workers
  • Set minimum wage
  • Forebode child labour
  • Workers had right to join trade unions
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