New Criminology

Taylor et al

he says that criminologists need to examine every aspect of crime including

- reasons behind the criminal act- role played by the police- role played by the courts- role played by the mass media- the role played by politics and capitalism 

this is a critic of marx as they dwell too much on capitalism and the bourgeoise.

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Stewart Hall


looks at the country, politics influencing police reports and the media.

the media can cause a moral panic and make things seem bigger than they are for example the media have over empasised how dangerous the streets are for peadophiles however the percentage of rapes/mudered done by peadophiles hasnt changed since the 70's. this shows how much the media can influence our anxieties.

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Paul Gilroy.

says that black criminaliy is a myth, they are reacting to the political injustice they face in todays society.

Says black men are no more criminal that white men but black men are just labelled by the courts.

Gilroy said it was convieniant of the public to draw attention to black crime rather than the high unemployment rates (LINK TO HALL)

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