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Network exam questions and answers

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June 07 - Network

A) Draw and label a star network
B) Describe a suitable use for a ring network
C) Discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of a ring network
D) other than security and topology issues, discuss in detail two factors that will influence the choice of a network
E) networks make use of intranets, explain the function of an intranet and give and example of how it could be used.

Quality of written communication will be assessed.  

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1 mark for the star shape, 1 mark for the postioning of the file server, 1 mark for a peripheral and the last mark for labelling the cable.

B) LAN - peer to peer network, school site, large offices or any reasonable use.

C) Advantages: 

  • there is no dependence upon a central host as data transmission is supported by all devices on the ring. 
  • Very high transmission speeds. 
  • It is detministic i.e. different performance levels can be determined for different traffic levels. 
  • Routing between devices is simple because messages normally travel in one direction
  • as data is in one direction it can transmit large volumes of data
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Answers continued


  • systems depend upon the reliability of the ring repeater although it can be design to bypass faulty repeaters. If one node malfunctions this can affect the operation of the network
  • cabling costs
  • difficlt to extend the ring

D) cost of the network : initial purchasing, instillation and training, maintenance costs, size of the avaliable budject.

Size of the organisation: needs can range from a small lan to a global wan, some communications media are limited to the distance that they have to travel, amount of data processing required must be considered.

how the system will be used: what type of applications does the user require?, will they need large data storage? from where will they operate the network, e.g. at home or in the office

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Answers continued

exsisting systems integrate: more often networks are not developed from scratch but need to fit in with exsisting system, sometimes an extension is required, therefore any new network must fit in with the operating systems and protocols of the exsisting. It must support any peripherals that are already in use e.g. bar code readers, printers etc.

perfomance and speed required: reliability, user friendliness, capacity, speed of processing 

E) An intranet is a network set up entirely within a LAN and can only be accessed internally. 

Examples: web pages can be stored and accessed from anywhere on the network
emails can be sent interally with the LAN
It can also beused for staff training or daily bulletins. 

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