'Nettles' by Vernon Scannell

A few notes on Nettles by Vernon Scannell that I made at school.

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-The poem is about a parent worried about their son and know they can't always protect him.

-The relationship is a paternal relationship.

-The thoughts and feelings are worry, anxiety and apprehension. They don't want their son to be hurt.

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-The poem is about the narrator's son.

-It is written from the parent's perspective.

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-It is written in the past tense over a long period of time.

-The narrator is reflecting back and remembering.

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-It is set in their garden.

-This is where the stinging nettles are, behind the shed for example.

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-The poet could possibly be reflecting back on the relationship he once had with his son.

-He regrets not being able to help him anymore like he used to.

-It could be like a 'sting' as it hurts and makes the narrator upset to think about it.

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