nervous systems and drugs

theses card wil tell you about how your nervouse system works and how they detect every change in our enviroment also how we atomaticaly do things wilth the help of reflexs.finally we will cover the use of cannabis and the different catogrys of drugs and alcohol and thier effect on our bodies.

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The nervous system

The nervous system allows us to respond to things around us. The system is triggered by a stimulus in our enviroment that is picked up by receptors in and on our sense organs such as :

  • eyes 
  • skin
  • nose 
  • ears ,ect. 

Recepters are specilised dells as they a made spcifcal for the purpose of picking up light from our eyes for example.

The nervous system or central nervous ststem is a chain of nerones that consists of nerones connecting recptors to the brain. 

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Neurons are cells that  carry the eletrical impulses form the recptor to the brain like common cell they come in different forms there are three forms of neurons:

  • sensory neurons - these carry impulses from the receptor to there CNS (central nervous system)
  • relay neuroses these carry electrical impulses from one end of the CNS to the other end of the CNS
  • motor neuron - this carry's the impulse from the CNS to the effectors (eg. muscles)

The full chain that the impulses have to travel through are:

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a synapse is the gap between the joining of two neurons the electrical impulses are passed chemically through the synapse the chemical diffuses across the gap when it reaches the other neuron transmitter convert the chemicals back into a electrical signal.        

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