Nervous system

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The electrical impulses go from the stimulus to the..

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A receptor gets information

Your nose

your eyes

your skin

your tongue

your ears

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Sensory neurone

sensory neurone

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sensory neurons carry signals from receptors to the spinal cord and brain

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CNS- central nervous system

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Your central nervous system consists of your brain and spinal cord

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A synapse is a gap in between firstly the sensory and relay neurone, synapses are managed by the vesicles at the end of a neurone which secrete chemicals that diffuse across the synapse.

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Relay neurone

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A relay neurone passes on the signal from the sensory neurone to the motor neurone

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A synapse is a gap secondly in between the relay and motor neurone Synapses are managed by vesicles at the end of a neurone which secretes chemicals that diffuse across the synapse.

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Motor neurone

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A nerve cell that specifically controls and stimulates muscles and glands

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An effector is a muscle or gland. It is the thing that is effected by the stimulus

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The response is what your body does after the stimulus

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A reflex action does not involve the brain.

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