nervous system


what is the nervous system

The nervous system function is to send and receive messages throughout the nerves in the body. The nervous system is made from the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system. 

(Contributor, K, 2018) The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord whereas the peripheral nervous system is made of nerves all around the body. 

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nervous system diagram

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(, 2020)

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brain function

The brain is the main organ within the body that controls the activity of the animal. Within the nervous system, the brain is important for receiving messages from the nerves and sending appropriate responses back. 

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spinal cord function

The main function of the spinal cord is to provide structure to an animals body however within the nervous system the spinal cord acts as a pathway for the messages to be sent between the nerves and the brain. 

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Nerves are electrical signals located all over an animals body that send messages, also known as nerve impulses, to the brain. These messages are sent in order to allow the brain to think of the most appropriate way to react to a certain situation. For example, if a dog has a thorn stuck in their paw pad the brain will inform them not to walk on that foot in order to eliminate the pain. 

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reflex arc

A reflex arc is an automatic rapid response from a stimulus. This is where the brain alerts the body on how to stop danger and pain in the situation. For example, if a cat is resting by a fireplace and their tail was to close to the fire it would begin to get hot therefore causing pain. The brain will alert the cat to move its tail away from the fire.  

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