Neo-Marxism Revision Cards

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  • Believes superstructure has autonomy
  • W/C must develop counter-hegemony to win leadership from the bourgeoisie
  • Through hegemonic ideology ( R/C dominating messages which are communicated to everyone else) most of us buy into the system
  • Controlling ideas keep the bourgeoisie in control
  • However, hegemony will never be compete as the ruling class are a minority and the proletaria have dual consciousness ( ideas are influenced by bourgeoisie ideology AND the exploitation/alienation they suffer
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Similarities to Marxism

  • Beleieves economy is the most important part of society
  • Capitalism is to blame for crime as it causes inequality
  • To eradicate crime we must eradicate capitalism and move towards a more communistic style of country
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DIfferences to Marxism

  • Tries to overcome weaknesses
  • Recognises the importance of ideas and meanings
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Maduro studied Liberation Theology in South America.  Church acted as an outlet for the peasant population and led to liberation theology in which the poor were freed by religion e.g. base communities were establsihed by priests to help workers fight oppression. This supports Gramsci's ideas of counter-hegemony

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  • Working class crime is a form of political action and resistance to ruling class oppression. Eg. police harrassment and racism
  • Crime is used to reassert dominance of ruling class hegemony by creating moral panics through use of media by exaggerating problems
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