Nazi rise to power

How Hitler and the Nazi's rose to power.

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Why did support for the Nazis increase in the late

  • Prices were falling in farming areas in North Germany.
  • German companies had to close down due to the crash of the American stock echange.
  • By i932 6 million Germans were out of work, unemployment pay only lasted six months.
  • Gustav Stresemann died on the 3rd October 1929, he had been responcible for Germany's recovery in the 1920's.
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Attempts to tackle the Depression

  • The Weimar goverment was unable to deal with the crisis.
  • The Social Democrates refused to cut unemployment pay.
  • The Social Democrates were the largest single party so this made coalitions diffucult.
  • Democracy had really ended by 1932
  • 1928-12 members of the Reichstag
  • 1930-107 members
  • July 1932-230 members
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Why did support for Hitler and the Nazi's go up so

  • Hitler used the Jews and the Weimar goverment as scapegoats for Germany's problems.
  • Propaganda, Goebbels organised torchlight proccessions, rallies, radio broadcasts and films.
  • Hitler offered strong leadership and he said he would get rid of the treaty of Versailles.
  • The discipline and the uniform gave the impression of toughness. The SA rose from 30,000 in 1929 to 440,000 in 1932.
  • The violence of the SA increased, they attacked communists this pleased the middle class and business people.
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