Nazi policies towards different groups.


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The church

control weaken replace

all protestant denominations under reich church wanted

weaken it through german christians

replace it with germann faith movement

thought if people worshipped God they were less likely to worship Hitler

1933 signed concordat with pope leave each other alone.

30,000 Jehovah's witnesse believd they should live by their faith not Nazism

most sent to concentration camps, one third died.

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1Mentally ill, 2burdens of the community and 3asco

1. euthanasia policy 1939- 1941, gas chambers built in 6 asylums, 72000 killed, though secreat people knew what happening, saved money, food and beds.

2. work-shy, tramps etc thought of as worthless and expensive

3. acoholics, hoomosexuals etc did not fit in with Nazi ideal so deemed dangerous


These were particularly feared by the Nazis for being homeless and work shy in 1935 marriages between Gypsies and Aryans were banned and in 1938 all Gypsies had to be registered.

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They did this because of the struggle for superiority and race. Hitler blamed the loss of WW1 on communists, democracy, degenerate art/ culture, a world wide conspiracy of Jews. His solution was to create the volksgemeinschaft, abolish democracy and get rid of weak elment such as Jews, Gypsies and religion.

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Propaganda, stir resentment

sterilisation, passed in July 1933, undesirables, 670 000 compulsory sterilised

concentration camps, 1936 many undesirables, 1937 youth concentration camp set up 1938 11 000 rounded up and sent

hashude experiment to reeducate families, most families improved but costly, argued traits heredity

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Anti sementism

Always present

1935 Jews no join army, marry etc aryan, were made subjects not citizens

1937 outspoken attack Jewish buisnesses confiscated

1938 register property, not treat aryans J on passport.

9-10 Nov kristalnacht much Jewish stuff destroyed Jews made to pay

Dec only go to Jewish schools

1939 new first names, promoted emigration

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