nazi party

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aims of the nazi party

  • they wanted to abolish the treaty fo versialles
  • conquer lebensraum
  • destroy the weimar republic
  • nationalise imprtant industries
  • re-arm Germany
  • remove jews from important jobs
  • only true germans to be news editors
  • detroy the communists
  • strong government
  • control of state education
  • increase old age pensions
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reasons for nazi aims

  • they wantes to 'abolish treaty of versailles' because it humiliated Germany.
  • they wanted to 'conquer lebensraum' because Germans needed more living space.
  • they wanted to 'destroy the weimar republic' because they were blamed for signing the treaty of versailles.
  • they wanted to 'nationalise important industries' because they were jealous of their success in buisness.
  • they wanted to 're-arm germany' because Germany was weak and defenceless.
  • they wanted to 'remove jews from important jobs' because jews blamed for losing world war 1.
  • they wanted to 'increase old age pensions' because they respected the elderly (and get their vote)
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