Nazi Germany: Youth

Brief descriptions of Nazi Youth

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Girls were ideally strong enough to breed Nazi children and to produce as many as possible.

Girls had to be racially pure for example blonde hair, blue eyes.

Girls were taught skills in school to help them become good house wives and mothers.

At the age of 10 girls had to join the league of young girls.

At the age of 14 girls had to join the league of German girls.

And at the age of 17 had to join Faith and Beauty organisation.

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German boys had to be fit to fight.

Boys had to join the Hitler Youth group this became compulsory on 25th March 1939.

German boys were physically trained up to fight and later join the army.

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Education was changed to train youths into becoming Nazi supporters.

Girls were taught how to be good house wives and mothers and boys were taught how to become good soldiers along with the rest of normal education.

“The chief purpose of the school is to train human beings to realize that the state is more important than the individual, that individuals must be willing and ready to sacrifice themselves for nation and Führer”

All subjects were changed to suit the Nazi ideas and to teach the Youths incorrect facts in order to brain wash them.

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