Nazi Germany - Persecution of Minorities

Bullet points on each point from my class notes

Points include:

-Nazi Belief

-Communicating Beliefs


-Methods of isolation

-Methods of Terror

-The Final Solution

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Nazi Belief

-Aryan race is superior

-The handicapped, prostitutes and habitual thieves were sterilized.

-Euthanasia for the mentally ill

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Communicating Nazi Beliefs

- Propaganda

- Speeches and Rallies

- Eugenics is schools

-Pupils encorouged to despise Jews

-Campain of hate:


..Posters and films


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-1933, boycott of Jewish owned shops

-Jews banned from state jobs

-Jews banned from public facilities e.g. parks

-Nuremburg laws: Germans are not human, cannot marry/have sexual relations with a German citizen.

-Forced names for Jews: 'Sara' or 'Israel'

-Jews had no right to vote, travel or own radios.

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Methods of Isolation

-Seperate shopping hours

-No Jewish businesses

-Seperate benches

-No radios

-Kept in Ghettos

-Forces to wear Star of David badge

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Methods of Terror

-Concentration Camps

- Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht - 1938):

..An angry young Jew assassinated a German diplomat in Paris

..This was used as an excuse for a vicious attack

..Jews were blamed for the attack and all the damage.

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The Final Solution

- Death Camps

-Slave Labour Camps

-Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe


(Jews had to dig their own graves, were shot, then bodies fell in)

-Hitler wanted to move Jews to Madagascar

-Gas Chambers

-Collected Jews from Europe, put on train to go to camps.

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