Nazi Germany - labour organisations AQA GCSE

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What is DAF?

this stands for deutsche arbeits front  and it was the only thing in Germany that was close to being a trade union ( they where banned on the 2nd of may 1933 by Hitler with the use of the enabling act ) it was split in to 2 organistions 

strength through joy and beauty of labour 

strength through joy organised things like holidays for families an other liesure activities like going to the cinima , and even set up a way of paying for a new car ( a VW) lots of people took up this idea but none ever came ...

the beauty of labour made sure that the working conditions for workers was of a good standard and provided hot meals and air conditioning and good lighting  in places of work this was supposed to make up for people working longer hours for less pay in Nazi Germany 

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Was RAD really that RAD-ical ?

this organisation was incharge of making sure that people in Germany all had jobs and was key in the ideas of the new and four year plan to get people working and in ways that will help with the war effort

they even set up camps that would help to train people to be soliders in the war as this was considered to be a good job they also had the unemployed building hospitals and laying autobahns ( motorways) but this was for a very low wage which really annoyed people as did the fact that the government took away money in taxes an addtiional costs away form it 

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