Nazi Germany

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The performance of the Nazi Party in the elections

In the 1928 Reichstag Elections, the Nazis would see their outcome of what the poeople thought of their parties new policies. Unexpectidly the Nazis recieved 2.6% of the votes 0.4% less of the votes they recieved in 1924. Despite Hitlers attempts at respectability, the German people had ignored the Nazi's message. This was probably because at this time the Weimar Republic appeared to be stable and prosperous at the time.

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Change of Tactics after 1924

  • After being sent to prison and writing his famous biography "Mein Kampf" Which outlined his political ideas, Hitler decided that he would never come to power by revolution; he realised that he would have to use constitutional means, so he organised:
  • the Hitler Youth
  • propaganda campaigns
  • mergers with other right-wing parties
  • local branches of the party, which tried to get Nazis elected to the Reichstag
  • the ** as his personal bodyguard, which was set up in 1925 It was this strategy of gaining power legitimately that eventually brought him to power.
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