Nazi Domestic Policies: Youth and Education


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Key Features

  • School
    • Compulsory until the age of 14.
    • Boys and girls were seperated.
    • Race studies- Aryans were superior.
    • Mein Kampf.
    • PE- 1/6 of school time.
    • For girls: domestic science like cooking and needlework.
  • Youth movements
    • The Pimpf: the Little Fellows, for boys at least 6- camping and hiking involved.
    • Hitler Jungvolk: the Hitler Youth, for boys at least 14 years old. Involved military training like the SA.
  • Propaganda.
  • Rebels:
    • Grew hair long.
    • Listened to modern swing music.
    • Mixed sex groups.
    • Edelweiss Pirates- 2000 members by 1939.
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