Nazi Domestic Polices: Persecution of Jews and other minorities Edexcel History GCSE Unit 2A

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Kristall Nacht - Jews

  • Also known as the Crystal Night or the Night of Broken Glass.
  • Started 7 November 1938.
  • Polish Jew Hershel Grynszpan shot a German at the embassy in France in retaliation to how his parents had been treated. He died 9 November.
  • Germans wanted revenge, so put it on the Jews, by treating them very violently on 9 to 10 November.
  • The Jews were fined 1 billion marks and banned from jobs and schools.
  • Goebbel ordered that if Germans decided to take revenge on the Jews, the government should do nothing to prevent it-some took it as a direct order to attack them.
  • Himmler ordered to have put as many Jews as possible in prison.
  • Gangs smashed Jewish property and attacked the Jews.
  • Some Germans were horrified, but other watched with pleasure.
  • 814 shops, 171 homes, 191 synagogues were destroyed.
  • 100 Jews were killed.
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Nuremberg Laws - Jews

  • Passed 15 September 1935.
  • Jews lost citizenship-only German blood could be German citizens, so lost the right to vote, hold government office or have German passports.
  • They had to trevel in different parts of buses and trains.
  • The coloured patch was required to set them apart.
  • They couldn't marry Germans.
  • In March 1928 they had to register all belongings, so they were easily confiscated.
  • July 1938, they needed identity cards. Doctors, dentists and Lawyers were forbidden to work for Germans.
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Other Minorities

  • Gypsies- in 1935, no gypsy/german marriage was allowed.
  • Homosexuals were sent to camps.
  • Disabled babies were killed.
  • Disabled people and alcoholics were sterilised. From 1934 to 1945, 700 000 were sterilised.
  • By 1945, 6000 disabled children were killed by injection or starvation.
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