Nazi policies and control

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Life in Hitler's Germany

  • Nazi propaganda was seen everywhere (the swatscticka). It was designed by Hitler and symboled the re-birth of Germany 
  • Hitler removed poverty, in 1928 there were 6 million unemployed 
  • Unemployment fell to 2 million in 1935 and was completely gone by 1939
  • He removed poverty by increasing the army to 5000,000
  • In 1939 1.9 million was spent on the military. This rose to 32.3 million in 1939 (17x more) 
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Main policies

The main policies of the Nazis were:

  • Solving unemployment 
  • Focus on rearmament 
  • Make Germany self-sufficient
  • Remove Jews 
  • Stop the recession 
  •  Racially pure Germany 
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Work and Bread

  • The Nazis believed that all Germans should work 
  • Non-Germans, jews, homosexuals and other undesired racial groups were sacked to make way for pure Germans
  • The people who were sacked were also not cojnted in the unemployment figures so these may be false 
  • Women also lost good jobs such as lawyers and doctors to make way for men 
  • Autobahns were built aswell to create jobs 
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Hitler's control over workers

Hitler set up the KDF- Strength through joy, they organised leisure activities for workers thus providing them with rewards. 

This boosted morale and made more people support Hitler. It also meant that people worked harder as they had things to look forward to. 

Cruise ships were built to provide luxary holidays at cheap prices. 

A payment scheme was set up which ivolved people paying a certain amount of their wages each month and then recieving a volkswagen car after a few years. (Nobody ever got a car) 

Trade unions were banned which made Hitlr very popular with bussinessmen. 

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The role of Women

The Nazis felt it was the duty of women to stay at home and look after children. 

Hitler summed up their role by KKK- Kinder, Kirche and Kuche- Children, Church and Cooking. 

Nazis believed that work got in the way of children and so women were often sacked from their jobs. 

Nazis gave large child benefits and banned contraception/abortion. Lebensborns were set up where women could visit and be impregnated by ** Aryans.

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Kristallnacht-The night of the broken glass

  • The Nazis claimed that the attacks were carried out by notmal Germans and not themselves
  • It was triggered by the killing of a German in Paris by a Jew 

What happened:

  • 191 synagogues were destroyed
  • 76 demolished 
  • 20 000 Jews arrested 
  • Looting of Jewish shops and warehouses 
  • 815 Bussinesses destroyed 
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