Nature of management

Laissez faire, paternalistic, democratic, autocratic and centralisation 

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Employees are not involved in decision making and managers want work to be completley exactly like they wished for. An autocratic manager will be very strict and employees usually can not use thier initiatives. This type of manager believes that employees need more supervision and employees are hugely money motivated. Less likely to trust employees  

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Democratic management style

Democratic managers do encourage employees to make decisions and encourages two way comunication allowing emloyees to use thier initiative. They believe motivation is not only financial. 

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Laissez faire

The manager is not involved with employees anddoes not give any guidance or direction on what to do. Employees have to set their own targets and objectives. 

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managers believe the employees are able to get involved into business snd csn have decision making skills. they believe that employees should be consulted and that they have the initiative . They persuade employees to accept thier views regardless of thuer own ones. 

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Tgeory x and Theory Y

McGregors thoery sounds more like a understanding on managers thoughts on employees rather than being a motivation theory

Theory x- like autocratic believe that employees are hugely motivated by money and they are lazy, dislike work and are irresponsible. They aldo believe that employees lack initiative and cannot work unless they are supervised .

Theory Y- like democratic managers who believe that employees are not only motivatedmy money nd they are interested and enjoying work, and are always looking for challenging roles. they beilieve employees have initiative and ca be involved in decision making with abilities of excersizing self dicipline

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