Nature and Extent of Family Changes

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Gender Roles

  • Liberation and freedom of women mean wives and mothers go back to work after the birth of their children and do not stay at home
  • Leisure time is often spent seperately 
  • TV aims food and cleaning products at women and gadgets at men
  • Willmott and Young - symmetrical families, women work and men partake in domesic labour
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Power and Control

  • Bott - seperated/joint conjugal roles
  • Men make serious decisions and women make 'day to day' decision
  • Dual burden - women have to partake in the burden of paid and unpaid work, increased employment has little impact on domestic labour
  • Triple shift - women have the dual burden as well as emotional shifts, this includes caring for sick children and looking after 'stressed men' Ansley women are takers of ****
  • Oakley - only 15% partake in domestic labour and 25% in childcare
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Domestic Violence

  • 1/4 women abused
  • 1/6 men
  • Domestic violence is a result of patriarcy (radical feminists) way to control women
  • Marriage legitimises domestic violence because men have authority and power Dobdash and Dobdash
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