Natural Law


Natural Law

  • Natural Law: how the rational creature participates in the eternal law of God (Conscience- reasoning and observing nature we can know what is right)
  • Civil Law: put in place to order society- if reasoned properly they will be in keeping with Natural Law
  • The Telos: through God-given reason I can determine the telos of an action
  • E.g. The telos of sex is procreation. Any action which prevents this telos is wrong, e.g. contraception 
  • Primary Precepts: 
  • Preserves life
  • Ordered society 
  • Worship God
  • Educate children
  • Reproduce
  • Secondary Precepts: Rules that help fulfil the primary precepts E.g. Murder is wrong because it breaks 'preserve life'
  • Interior and exterior acts
  • Interior acts: the intention or motive behind the action
  • Exterior acts: the act itself: Both must be good for the act to be good
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