Natural Law


Natural Law

Absolutist, deontelogical & legalistic theory;

Ultimate Goal is to do good and gain enternal life with God. 

Innate human ability to determin if something is intrinsically right or wrong.


Primary- WORLD. Bring us closer to God. Help us identify our god given purpose.  Secondary- e.g. not wearing contraception (allows reproduction)


Cardinal (Aristotle)- prudence, fortitude, justice and temperance. Necessary to from the basis of a moral life.

teleological (Aquinas)- charity, faith, hope. Only achieved from human effort and delivered by God. 


Interior= motive behind act. Exterior= act itself. Double effect= unintened consequences from good act- act is still good. 

Apparent good= sin that isnt through ideal human nature. Real good= doing something to become closer to God. 

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