Natural Hazards

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Hurricane Katrina, Climatic, MEDC

Formed 23rd August 2005

Evactuation 28th August 2005

Hit 29th August 2005

80% of New Orleans was flooded

Cost of repairs was $105 billion

26 million litres of oil was spilled

Some beaches we completely eroded 

Federal troop numbers rose from 7,000 to 47,000 to stop looting

No fixed evactuation drills

300,000 refugess and 1,833 fatalities 

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Sahel Drought, Climatic, LEDC

Continuous drought, all year, every year

Streches from Senegal to Somalia, including 77.7 million people

Natural factors- land is flat, little rain, very hot, no vegetation cover, on equator and evapouration 

Human Factors- Overgrazing and Overcultivation

The result is crop failure, soil erosion, famine and hunger

Drought began regulary in 1980s, the areas affected are experiencing rapid desertification

Crops and animals cannot grow, diseases are often spread rapidly

2010 tempurature- highs of 49 degrees celcius 

85% of people rely on farming

2-3 million people have AIDS/HIV, Ethiopia receives the most aid in the world

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Sichuan Earthquake, Tectonic, LEDC

12th May 2008

15,000,000 buildings collapsed, 80% in the province

69,000 people died

34,000 injured

9.7 on the Richter Scale

Longmenshan fault

Indian plate (continental) colliding with Euraisian plate (continental) (destructive)

5 million left homeless

Landslides and follding are secondary effects

14th May China appealed for help from Red Cross, Japan, Russia and Korea

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Mount St Helens, Tectonic, MEDC

Cascade Mountains in North-West USA

Sparsely populated area

Juan de Fuca plate (Oceanic) decends under North American plate (continental)

Friction caused heat which turned crust into magma

During the build up there was 47 small earthquakes, small exposions and steam

18th May 1980 - Main eruption

20th May - volcanic gas covers continent

Early June - ash has blown completely around world

63 died (tourists and people that chose to stay with their homes)

flooding and ash ruin crops, but soil becomes more fertile

10 million trees were replanted, money from tourism that the event attracted

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