natural fibres

fibre properties

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properties of cotton

short staple fibres

made from natural plants and animals


cotton from a cotton plant

silk from a silk worm

wool from a sheep

properties of cotton

cotton is durable, and is used to make t-shirts, jeans and towels.

it creases easily, but it is very absorbent and dries easily.

it has a soft handle and a good drape, and is cool to wear.

can be washed and ironed.

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linen, wool and silk


used for summer clothing, tea towels and table cloths

fresh and cool

very absorbant and fast drying

stiffer handle and good drape

creases easily but can be washed and ironed

it is very durable


used to make blankets, suits and jumpers

absorbant and breathable

good drape

dries very slowly

shrinks when washed

not durable

doesnt creases

soft or coarse to handle


used for evening wear and ties

has a good lustre and handle, and is very durable and can withstand weather conditions

needs to be dry cleaned

it is warm and absorbant and has a good drape

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