Natural law human experience

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Human experience of natural law HIV

Throughout the world 39 million people are living with HIV. Despite knowing the use of condoms can prevent HIV, the catholic church, following natural law, have maintained an absolutist postion on the issue. Pope benidict stated that the spread of Aids could be combated through 'fidelity and absitinence' However it is evident wihtin the catholic church there has been an attempt to apply proportionalism to this issue to prevent the spread of aids.Cardinal carlo martini stated that the use of condoms by couples where one had HIV was a'lesser evil' because it would prevent the spread of a killer disease

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Human experience of natural law abortion

In niscaragus, abortion laws are very strict. In 2003, a nine year old gil, rosa who became pregnant after she was ***** was permitted to have a legal abortion by a panel of doctors and when the girls parents gave their consent the abortion was carried out as they thought that rosa having a baby would be a threat to her life. However in response to the abortion the catholic church maintained an absolutist stance to the issue and excommunicated the parents and the doctors who carried out the abortion.

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