Nationally Reconginsed Training Structure


Indivual Learning Accounts

The Individual Learning Accounts scheme was aimed to support adult education with a system of tax incentives from employers as well as a cash contribution of £150/.

It was biased towards the uptake of information technolgy sills following the emergence of the internet.

Orgianlly it was announced with te 1999 budget, but later launced in 2000. It as soon abandoned in October 2001, with 8500 accredited providers. Prosecutions were made after 279 providers were being investigted on the basis of misselling and 30 people were arrested, all in cases on fraud which still continued in 2008.

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Investors in People

Investors in people uses a powerful model as the basis o the process that helps organisations link staff development to meeting the needs of their business. It is a tried and tested standard framework which helps comapnies succeed and compete through improved performance of employees.

Over 30,000 organisations have formally achieved the standard, all of which employ over a quater of the UKs workforce ranging from those that employ 2 people upwards across all sectors of the UK economy.

The Investors in People website, state 4 principles organisations gain from achieving the standard;

  • Business Development - Provding infrastructure to enchance organisational performance and guide growth.
  • Management - Helping organisations focus on developing management capabilities and strengthing internal systmes.
  • Employee Development - Providing guidance on how to structure and manage learning strategies in order to help employees reach their potential.
  • Communication - Highlights the importane of employee involvement ad ownership progess towards business goals.
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National Recognised Qulifications





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