National Grid

National Grid

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National Grid

How we get our electricity straight to our homes?

Power station - Step up transformer - National grid -Stepdown transformer - Homes

Electricity is generated at power station. The National Grid is a network of pylons and electricity cables across the country.

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Higher Tier

Higher tier

Most of the electricity we use comes from fossil feuls or nuclear power stations and we know that non-renbewable supplies will not last forever.

We could use small scale, renewable power generatorslike wind turbinesconnected directly to homes. Thisis good for the environment because it would notneed a large distribution network. The bad thing about this change is that would costa lot to changeoverand the realiablity of the output cannot always be guaranteed. Small scalepower may not be practical for larger towns and cities. To take down the National grid and start again would be costly and disruptive.

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Higher tier continued

Some people use small scale and run on wind turbines can sell excess electricity back to the National Grid.

When deciding to build a National Grid for poorer countriesthere are many things to be considered. It would cost a lot it would have a bad environmental effect and there are safety issues.

The advantages of this is that it would transform a country and support local services.

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