National Grid Warning Notices

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The following are types of Operational System Warnings

  • Electricity Margin Notice 
  • High Risk of Deamd Reduction - at times where there is insufficient margin to meet operating reserve requirements
  • Demand Control Imminent - issued before demand reduction actions are taken
  • Risk of System Disturbance - often localised warning e.g. a severe storm
  • Cancellation of a GB System Warning

These are issued by fax and BM reprorts website but can also be seen on STDT.

The following are types of System Margin Warnings NG could issue

  • Capacity Market Notice
  • System Stress Event 
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Capacity Market Notice

NG must publish a Capacity Market Warning when:

  • This is triggered where the volume of available generation above forecast demand and Operating Margin is less than 500MW. 
  • NG issue a Demand Reduction instruction or emergency manual disconnection
  • An automatic low frequency demand disconnection takes place

Notices are initially issed 4 hours ahead of when the problem is foreseen. 

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STT requirements

  • Call the stations and ask if its possible to delay any ROTA's
  • Ask if the themral plants could produce any more
  • Log calls
  • Check trading position
  • Email the relevant people about the warning and keep them informed.
    - Operational System Warning = ^ElectricitySystemNotice
    -Capacity Margin Notice and System Stress Event = ^Capacity_Market_Notifications and avon metals
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