My Last Duchess

What is the poem about

  • poem is about an egotistical Duke in 19th Century Italy who is not ashamed to admit that he did away with his last duchess
  • The poem is written in the Elizabethan times which were a very suppressed and uncreative society.


  • The Duke starts by talking proudly of his “Fra Pandolf” picture and seems to see more importance in the artist than the fact that it is a picture of his dead wife.
  • The repetition of the word “stoop” shows the Duke’s is full of Pride and would not “stoop so low”

Structural form

  • The happy rhythm of rhyming couplets contrasts with the shocking content of the poem. The poem is written in iambic pentameter which best mimics the sounds of natural speech

Themes & Poems could compare with

  • Jealousy,
  • Love
  • Antisocial behaviour,
  • The laboratory,
  • Education for Leisure,
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