My Country right or left


What influences orwell's political leanings and id

  • patriotism/ war
  • imperial actions
  • "very few of your memories come to you genuinely virgin"
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Key Terms

Paradox- A contradiction where both things are true 

Ambivalence- having mixed or contradictory feelings about something

Patriotism- having strong support for your country

Militarism- having strong support for the military

Socialism- a political belief which advocates the ownership and regulation of resources by the community as a whole

Pacifism- the belief that war and violence are unjustifiable and that conflict should be resolved by peaceful means 

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Key Quotes/ references

"Among the very young the pacifist reaction had set in long before the war ended"

"that I was patriotic at heart, would not sabotage or act against my own side"

Able to analyse/ reflect his feelings (patriotism)

dreading war/ (revolution), but will support his country (thinks it is necessary)

War was always devoted to militarism 

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Image of the map

  • felt nothing as he was a child, paid no attention
  • no acknowledgement of what was happening
  • bad attitude towards war
  • Didn't care about what was going on
  • No use of emotive language, unless talking about the soldiers
  • Children are innocent, in that they have no idea of what war was and why it was happening
  • Shocked at the childrens attitudes towards war- potrays them to be very disrespectful 
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